Qur-an Webb

Director of Operations

Qur-an Webb is an accomplished professional with over two decades of experience in the social work field. Currently serving as the Director of Operations at Welcome 2 Reality, LLC, Qur-an brings a wealth of expertise to the organization’s daily operations. In this pivotal role, he oversees diverse aspects such as training, consultation, and more, contributing significantly to the overall success of Welcome 2 Reality. 

Qur-an, alongside his partners, played a key role in the successful passage of Substitute Senate Bill No. 962, Public Act No. 15-94, in Connecticut. This groundbreaking legislation mandates education on the safe use of social media and includes computer programming instruction in the public school system. Additionally, he contributed to the passing of Senate Bill No. 949, Public Act 17-67. As the Connecticut Chapter Lead for Media Literacy Now, Qur-an is actively involved in advancing education around media literacy. 

Along with his leadership at Welcome 2 Reality, Qur-an serves as an Assistant Professor at Western Connecticut State University. Balancing teaching, research, and service commitments, his goal is to contribute to the overall growth and development of his learners. Beyond academia, Qur-an is an independent contractor, providing therapeutic support to youth and families through multiple providers.

Dedicated to advocating for equality in sports, Qur-an holds the position of Vice President at both the Association of Black Sports Officials, Inc. and Achieving Better Sports’ Outcomes, Inc. In his role with the Association of Black Sports Officials, Qur-an champions the rights and opportunities for Black individuals in all sports. Through Achieving Better Sports’ Outcomes, he delivers psycho-educational programs catering to a broad spectrum of individuals engaged in athletics at various levels. Qur-an work has taken him, throughout the United States and internationally. Qur-an’s most important role to date is being a proud husband and father.

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