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About Us

Bridging Knowledge, Advocacy, and Empowerment

Welcome 2 Reality, LLC stands as a beacon in the realm of media literacy advocacy, offering a comprehensive range of services that extend far beyond conventional training. With a collective experience of over 60 years in the social work field, our dedicated team brings a wealth of expertise in areas such as child protection, non-profits, and higher education.

Welcome 2 Reality (W2R) stands as a premier provider with an exceptional ability to tailor and develop impactful programs, presentations, and trainings that cater specifically to the unique needs of school systems, court staff, social services agencies, and non-profits. With an extensive track record spanning years, W2R has dedicated significant time and expertise to crafting trainings that are both comprehensive and targeted, addressing critical issues in a manner that resonates with diverse audiences.

Making An Impact

Our Focus: At the core of Welcome 2 Reality’s mission is a commitment to providing media literacy advocacy, specialized training, consultations, and psychoeducational opportunities for adolescents, foster parents, and social work professionals across the nation. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of human behavior and the fundamental need for attachment, enabling individuals to achieve a healthy balance between fantasy and reality in the context of social media.

Legislative Successes: Welcome 2 Reality has played a pivotal role in legislative successes, advocating for essential education on safe social media use and computer programming in public schools in Connecticut through SB 962/PA15-94. Additionally, SB 949/PA17-67 was instrumental in establishing an advisory council focused on digital citizenship.

Diverse Training Offerings: Our training portfolio is expansive and tailored to diverse needs. Some of our offerings include exploring the impact of social media on children and families, engaging fathers and building social connections, demystifying Islam, addressing domestic minor sex trafficking, promoting effective parenting, pursuing racial justice, facilitating results-based sessions, and much more. Our commitment to minimizing the impact of cyberbullying is evident in our specialized training sessions.

Non-Training Services: Beyond traditional training, Welcome 2 Reality offers non-training services, including the Mentoring Through Media Youth group and the W2R Media Literacy Program. Our expertise extends to curricula development, ensuring that educational materials align with contemporary needs and challenges. We also provide “Train the Trainer” services, empowering organizations and individuals to impart knowledge effectively.

Our Founders

Welcome 2 Reality, LLC was founded by visionary leaders who shared a common passion for media literacy and empowerment. Together, our founders have spearheaded initiatives, influenced policy changes, and inspired a community of individuals committed to media literacy. Their combined vision and dedication continue to steer Welcome 2 Reality, LLC toward a future where knowledge empowers and reality is seen through a lens of critical thinking. Meet the driving forces behind our mission:

Anthony Gay, BA

Director of Curricula Development​

Marcus Stallworth, LMSW

Director of Learning and Organizational Development

Qur-an Webb

Director of Operations

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