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At Welcome 2 Reality, LLC, we are on a mission to redefine how individuals, families, and organizations interact with media. Through our nationally recognized Training Institute, advocacy efforts, and innovative programs, we’re not just shaping minds; we’re transforming lives. Benefits of our programs:

  • Empowerment Through Knowledge: Gain critical media literacy skills to navigate today’s complex media landscape.
  • Policy Impact: Join a movement that has influenced policy enhancement, collegiate course development, and statewide legislation.
  • Professional Development: Access seminars and workshops at our Training Institute for continuous learning and growth.
  • Strategic Consultation: Benefit from our consultation services that strengthen organizational practices for agencies and schools.

We Are

Dedicated to fostering Media Literacy awareness by educating and empowering individuals to discern various media forms for what they truly represent.

Welcome 2 Reality LLC (W2R) emerged in 2012 as a response to growing concerns about the profound impact of social media on the youth. The realization that young individuals were internalizing negative imagery and messages, subsequently normalizing unhealthy behaviors, prompted the founding of W2R. Extensive research and analysis conducted by W2R have illuminated the deceptive nature of media and how it guides the way young people perceive and internalize its various components. In today’s society, technology is omnipresent and considered a household necessity, simplifying our lives. However, the pervasive use of mobile devices and social media has posed challenges for parents, limiting their ability to monitor and control their children’s exposure to influential content.

Consultation Services

Social Media, Media Literacy and Technology Consultation:

Welcome 2 Reality, LLC offers consultations encompassing a thorough evaluation and action plan formulation addressing issues related to Internet and technology overuse, abuse, or addictive behaviors. The service extends to analyzing productivity problems linked to misuse, providing information and resources for establishing a sustainable cyber environment, aiding staff in offering healthy alternatives to youth, and developing effective strategies against cyber bullying, sexting, and the distribution of child pornography.


Structural Racism Consultation:

Our consultation services provide tailored strategies to address the multifaceted challenges faced by communities dealing with systemic racism, media misrepresentation, legal barriers, and the impact of incarceration. We offer comprehensive training on historical context, fostering understanding of how systemic issues manifest. Our expertise extends to breaking down barriers to mental health engagement, incorporating cultural humilty and sensitivity. Media literacy workshops guide participants in navigating and challenging biased portrayals. Strategies to counter the impact of the Law-and-Order political strategy are developed, emphasizing community-led initiatives. Consultations also focus on advocating for policy changes and supporting reintegration efforts. Our team provides guidance on navigating the complexities of the Prison Industrial Complex and Juvenile Justice System, offering pathways to disrupt cyclical impacts. Furthermore, we assist in strengthening community ties and leveraging cultural significance for empowerment. Through these services, we aim to empower communities to navigate, resist, and overcome systemic challenges while fostering resilience and positive change.

Fatherhood Engagement Consultation:

Our Father focused consultation services specialize in engaging fathers and optimizing systemic interactions from a strength-based perspective. We offer tailored strategies to strengthen the connection between fathers and various support systems. Our consultations focus on recognizing and harnessing the unique strengths of fathers, fostering positive relationships within families and communities. We provide training to various agencies and systems, promoting an understanding of the importance of paternal involvement and highlighting the valuable contributions fathers make to the well-being of their families. Through collaborative approaches, we facilitate effective communication and collaboration between fathers and service providers, ensuring that interventions are culturally sensitive and resonate with the strengths of each individual. Our goal is to you to empower fathers, promote family resilience, and enhance the overall effectiveness of support systems through a strength-based lens.

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