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About The T.I.

Empowering Minds Through Education

The Welcome 2 Reality Training Institute is more than an educational platform; it’s a journey of empowerment. We believe in the transformative power of education to shape minds and create positive change. 

We offer high-quality learning opportunities tailored for educators, students, clergy, social workers, clinicians, federal/state agencies, and administrators. At the Welcome 2 Reality Training Institute, we are dedicated to advancing participants in various topic areas, providing an enriching experience for diverse learners.

Welcome 2 Reality Training Institute (TI) stands at the forefront of providing unparalleled learning opportunities tailored for educators, students, clergy, social workers, clinicians, and administrators. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in meticulously crafted training sessions designed to elevate participants’ knowledge and skills across diverse subject areas.

Our Programs

Mentoring Through Media

The Mentoring Through Media program facilitates courageous conversations with teens, exploring life from their perspective through group discussions, role-play exercises, and real-world scenarios.

The P.A.T.H. Program

The “Promoting Awareness Through History,” (P.A.T.H.) Program is an initiative that specifically tailored for minority youth, that delves into the historical context of systemic racism and oppression.

Youth Empower Divert

The Youth Empower Divert program serves as a crucial diversion from youth criminal involvement by offering at-risk individuals positive alternatives and constructive outlets for personal growth. 

Early Exposure to Education

An immersive opportunity for students to embark on college tours at various esteemed institutions across Connecticut.

Our Trainings

Misconceptions Of The Black Woman

An insightful exploration of the stereotypes and realities surrounding the Angry Black Woman narrative. 

Dear Black Male...

This course focuses on the depiction of Black Males in today’s society and the issues they go through and face. Uncover the roots of Systemic Racism and Oppression, exploring how historical events have shaped the experiences of Black and Brown men. 

Building Blocks to Effective Parenting: A Guide for Professionals

A comprehensive resource designed to empower parents with the essential tools for effective co-parenting, with a primary focus on its impact on children.

The Impact of Social Media on Children and Families

This training helps students, staff, and professionals learn more about social media and its impact on children and families. 

Fatherhood Engagement and Social Connections

This training is a comprehensive exploration of father engagement, focusing on empowering participants with the knowledge and skills to support fathers in their roles.

Raising Professionalism in the Workplace

A comprehensive program centered on instilling a profound understanding of the significance of collaboration within the framework of agency policies and regulations.

Demystifying Islam

The “Demystifying Islam” training is a comprehensive exploration that seeks to unravel the historical interpretations and misinterpretations of Muslims. 

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

This training is a comprehensive and vital resource for participants seeking to address the pervasive issue of human (DMS) trafficking.

It’s Okay To Be Selfish!

The “It’s Okay To Be Selfish!” training is a transformative experience aimed at emphasizing the crucial significance of self-care.

Pursuing Racial Justice & Implicit Bias

This training on racial justice and implicit bias is a transformative journey that delves into the profound impact of race, racism, and diversity within both the workplace and the communities we serve and live.

Results Based Facilitation

Results Based Facilitation (RBF) is a transformative training program designed to empower leaders in crafting, steering, and contributing to meetings that propel groups from mere discussions to tangible actions.

Understanding The Impact of Vaping on Children and Adults

This comprehensive training program aims to equip any participant, but particularly child protection social workers, with a deep understanding of the vaping epidemic among adolescents.

Hip Hop Saved Us!!!

The “Hip Hop Saved Us” training is a transformative experience that delves into the profound impact of hip hop culture on personal growth, resilience, and societal change.

Engaging Youth in Foster Care

This training is a comprehensive guide for professionals seeking effective strategies to engage and support youth in foster care.

Minimizing The Impact of Cyber-Bullying

This comprehensive training on the history and impact of cyberbullying offers participants a deep dive into the multifaceted aspects of this prevalent issue.

Why Choose the Training Institute?

Our trainers utilize adult learning theory to support the education and growth of participants across generations. We are committed to providing an enriching and empowering educational experience.

Experience the Welcome 2 Reality Training Institute Advantage

Top-Notch Learning:

Access high-quality learning opportunities designed to advance your knowledge and skills.

Expert Trainers:

Learn from experienced trainers with a background in collegiate-level teaching.

Culturally Relevant:

Explore topics through a culturally diverse lens, fostering understanding and inclusivity.


Striving to provide a high-energy, interactive, and engaging learning experience.


Ensuring that our content is accessible and relevant to individuals from various backgrounds.

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