Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

This training is a comprehensive and vital resource for participants seeking to address the pervasive issue of human (DMS) trafficking. The course serves to educate attendees on the nuanced laws designed to combat human trafficking, with a specific focus on the exploitation of minors. Through a meticulous exploration of language and terminology, participants gain the tools necessary to comprehend the intricacies of human trafficking of minors. The training goes beyond theoretical knowledge by familiarizing participants with the risk factors and vulnerabilities that make youth susceptible to exploitation. Additionally, the course defines Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children/Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (CSEC/DMST) and delves into the profound impact of human trafficking on victims, providing insights on effective ways to work with them. Importantly, the training aims to enhance the ability to identify and assist children at risk and victims of trafficking, contributing to a more proactive and informed approach in combating this grave issue. Participants walk away with a profound understanding, practical skills, and a heightened commitment to addressing and preventing human trafficking.

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