Pursuing Racial Justice & Implicit Bias

This training on racial justice and implicit bias is a transformative journey that delves into the profound impact of race, racism, and diversity within both the workplace and the communities we serve and live. Participants engage in a critical examination of current systematic policies and practices, specifically addressing their disparate impact on Black and Brown families. The training facilitates a nuanced discussion on ensuring the provision of equal and equitable services to all families, distinguishing between equity and equality. Further, it explores pressing issues such as environmental racism, race baiting, and the pervasive impact of racism on minorities in foster care. By the end of this training, participants emerge equipped with a heightened awareness of racial dynamics, a toolbox of strategies for fostering inclusivity, and a commitment to dismantling discriminatory structures in both professional and community settings.  Participants will learn to talk about race constructively within their workplace and with colleagues’ organizations and with their constituents. Lastly participants will learn concepts and next steps for applying these new strategies to advance racial equity.

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