Understanding The Impact of Vaping on Children and Adults

This comprehensive training program aims to equip any participant, but particularly child protection social workers, with a deep understanding of the vaping epidemic among adolescents. The objectives include defining vaping and its types, unraveling the rise of vaping with a focus on its gateway potential, and shedding light on the alarming health risks associated with vaping, including nicotine addiction and its adverse effects on adolescent brain development. Participants will gain valuable insights into recognizing both behavioral and physical indicators of vaping, as well as identifying vaping paraphernalia. The training will also delve into the latest statistics and trends related to vaping among youth, emphasizing its prevalence in schools and communities. By the end of the program, participants will be well-informed about the significance of this issue for child protection social workers, empowering them to address and combat the challenges posed by the vaping epidemic among youth.

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