Engaging Youth in Foster Care

This training is a comprehensive guide for professionals seeking effective strategies to engage and support youth in foster care. The course not only provides practical approaches to promote autonomy, positive self-perception, and expanded networks for young individuals but also emphasizes the ongoing engagement of both bio and foster families. Participants delve into the identification of resources dedicated to meeting the social and emotional needs of youth in foster care. The training fosters a holistic understanding of how to support both the youth and their foster family within the framework of a professional team. Participants gain insights into critical elements such as critical thinking, self-awareness, cultural separation, and working through resistance in the context of youth engagement and safety. The importance of identifying and establishing Kin/Fictive Kin placements is also explored, underscoring the crucial role these relationships play in promoting the overall well-being of children in foster care. Attendees walk away equipped with a robust toolkit, fostering a proactive and informed approach to supporting the diverse needs of youth in foster care.

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