The Impact of Social Media on Children and Families

This training helps students, staff, and professionals learn more about social media and its impact on children and families. We incorporate our knowledge of human behavior and the need for acceptance to help individuals identify why they make the choices they make online. By examining songs, music videos, and advertisement campaigns, we help identify the impact of imagery and subliminal messages and assist them in making distinctions between fantasy and reality.

This training delves into the multifaceted landscape of technology and social media, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of both the positive and negative aspects. It addresses the impact of these platforms on emotional well-being and behavior, emphasizing the potential pitfalls. The exploration extends to how auditory and visual messages in media may mislead young individuals, who often internalize such content as genuine and plausible. The training sheds light on challenges faced by parents in monitoring their children’s online activities due to certain apps and devices. Furthermore, it analyzes how marketing and advertisements wield influence over self-perception, gender roles, and relationship expectations. The concept of media literacy is defined, empowering participants to critically evaluate and navigate media content. Practical tips and suggestions are provided to help individuals navigate the complex digital landscape more safely and consciously. Participants walk away equipped with insights to make informed decisions in the digital age.

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