Resources Parents Can Utilize To Help Their Children Stay Safe Online:

  1. Common Sense Media: Common Sense Media offers a wealth of information and resources for parents, including reviews of movies, TV shows, games, and apps to help parents make informed decisions about what content is appropriate for their children.
  1. Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI): FOSI provides tips, guides, and resources to help families navigate the digital world safely. Their website offers advice on topics such as online privacy, cyberbullying, and digital citizenship.
  1. NetSmartz Workshop: NetSmartz Workshop, created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, offers age-appropriate resources and activities to help children and teens learn about online safety. Parents can access tip sheets, videos, and interactive tools to teach their children how to stay safe online.
  1. ConnectSafely: ConnectSafely provides parents with resources and guides on a variety of online safety topics, including social media, privacy settings, and digital literacy. Their website features articles, tip sheets, and parent guides to help families navigate the digital world together.
  1. StaySafeOnline: StaySafeOnline, powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance, offers resources and tools to help parents and children stay safe and secure online. Their website provides tips on cybersecurity, privacy, and online safety best practices for families.
  1. The Smart Talk: The Smart Talk is an interactive tool that helps families set ground rules and guidelines for technology use. Parents and children can use the tool together to discuss topics such as screen time limits, online privacy, and responsible online behavior.
  1. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – Online Safety: The FTC offers resources and tips for parents on topics such as protecting children’s privacy online, recognizing online scams, and teaching children about digital citizenship.

By utilizing these resources, parents can gain valuable insights and guidance to help their children navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. Additionally, staying informed and having open conversations with children about online safety is key to promoting a positive and healthy online experience.

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