TXT Acronyms and More

Common Teen Slang

An adjective used to describe
someone or something as ordinary or boring.

lying/no lie

To put someone in their place with a good comeback.

When someone tries too
hard or is over-the-top.

Succeeding at something.

Accordion Content


To say an insult to someone.

Accordion Content

Similar to killed it.  Succeeding at something at a high level.

To be completely surprised
and shocked by something.

A state of awareness of yourself and events around the world.

To share good gossip with someone else

That’s not a big deal. 

Sometimes seen or heard as “That’s The T” – with T meaning information.

X-Rated Emojis To Look Out For

Parents should be informed of the emojis that are presently linked to substances abuse and sexual activity. Although not every emoji carries an X-rated content rating, it is crucial that you remain informed about developments on mobile communications and social media in order to safeguard your child. Listed below are some of the most frequently used emoticons that have drug or sexual connotations. Should you have ever encountered a few emoticons that were beyond your comprehension, this chart may have been able to clarify the situation.  

To view the meaning of the Emoji, click on the plus sign.

The Eggplant Represents A Penis

Represents A Vagina

Represents Oral Sex on a Male

Represents Oral Sex on a Female

Represents Butt or Vagina

Represents Female Breast or Virginity

Represents Orgasm

The Eggplant Represents A Penis

Represents Ejaculation or Orgasm

Represents The Act of Sex

Represents Male Testicles

Represents Hand Stimulation of A Male

Represents Hand Stimulation of Female

Represents Sexual Intercourse

Represents Nude Pictures or Flashing

 Represents Male Erection

Represents The Sexual Position "69"

Represents Spanking

Represents Oral Sex On A Female

 Represents An Orgasm

 Represents For Sale

 Represents Ecstasy

 Represents Ecstacy

 Represents Drugs

 Represents Cocaine, Crack, Meth

 Represents Heroin

 Represents High Potency

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