Dear Black Male...

Is a 4-part series that:

Uncover the roots of Systemic Racism and Oppression, exploring how historical events have shaped the experiences of Black and Brown men. We also Analyze the historical impact of Media’s Misrepresentation and Overcriminalization of Black and Brown boys and men, understanding how negative portrayals contribute to systemic biases.  From there we move on to discuss the Barriers to Mental Health and Systems Engagement and address the reluctance of men of color to engage in therapy and mental health services, examining societal stigmas and cultural factors that contribute to hesitancy and refusal to seek help.  Finally, we look at how all of this Impacts Black Families/Communities by connecting the dots and illustrating how these factors collectively impact the well-being of Black families and communities.  Simultaneously we highlight significant events, personalities, and central themes that have shaped African (American) culture and contributed to U.S. history, fostering a sense of pride and identity.  In closing the course provides tips and suggestion on how to assess, engage, interact, and advocate for men of color.


****  Note this offering can also be presented in a 2-3 hour overview!

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