Understanding The Impact of Vaping on Children And Adults



This training program intends to provide participants, especially child protection social workers, with an extensive grasp of the vaping epidemic among adolescents. The goals of this study are to provide clear definitions of vaping and its various forms, to examine the increasing popularity of vaping and its potential to serve as a gateway to other harmful behaviors, and to highlight the concerning health risks connected with vaping, such as nicotine addiction and its negative impact on the development of the adolescent brain. Participants will acquire vital knowledge in identifying both behavioral and physical manifestations of vaping, as well as recognizing vaping paraphernalia. The workshop will also explore the most recent facts and trends about vaping among young people, with a focus on its widespread occurrence in schools and communities. Upon completion of the training, participants will possess a comprehensive understanding of the importance of this matter for social workers in child protection. This will enable them to effectively confront and overcome the obstacles presented by the vaping pandemic among young individuals.


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